2022 LTCNA Nursing Awards


LTCNA Nursing Awards Program

The Annual Nursing Awards Program recognizes outstanding CNAs, MDS Coordinators, Nurses and DONs who have proven to be dedicated, hardworking and compassionate while caring for facility residents in an ever-changing long term care environment. The information in these nomination forms pertains only to the LTCNA Nursing Awards.

Program Details

  • Each member center that submits a nomination(s) must designate ONE contact for all of their nominations. 
  • All nominees will receive a certificate recognizing their achievement.
  • Facilities are welcome (and encouraged!!) to submit multiple nominations.
  • The LTCNA Nursing Awards will be presented, as in years past, at Ovations: A Celebration of Long Term Care Nurses during IHCA’s Annual Convention & Expo in Peoria.
  • A list of nominees, as well as information about the chosen winners, will be featured in IHCA publications, and on our websites and/or social media pages.
  • Press releases will be sent to local media outlets announcing the winners.

How to Submit Your Nominations:

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Caldwell at acaldwell@ihca.com or 800-252-8988.


Simulation Mannequin Training for Nurses

The Long Term Care Nurses Association has purchased a simulation mannequin and will bring it to your facility for training. 

Be Prepared for the New Requirements of Participation Competency Regulations 

The Long Term Care Nurses Association is offering simulation competency programs to licensed nurses around the state! 

Two options are available!

  • Year-long training ($2000) - You receive 24 hours of simulation training during the year. This is normally divided up into one 6-hour training day per quarter.
  • A la carte ($750) - You receive one 6-hour training day 

You can choose from one of the training modules listed below, or LTCNA will customize a training to fit your needs! 

 Education Modules

  1. Head to toe assessment
  2. Change in condition assessment
    1. CHF
    2. COPD
    3. Sepsis
    4. Pneumonia
  3. Focused Assessments
    1. Based on admitting diagnosis or current concern
    2. Pneumonia
    3. Post-surgical
    4. Post exacerbation of chronic disease
    5. Post fall
    6. Neurological
  4. Respiratory Assessment
  5. IV therapy
  6. Urinary catheterization
  7. New orientee (will be offered at a later date) 

Contact Ashley Caldwell at acaldwell@ihca.com for details.


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